~ An Insider Exclusive by D.A. Ritter ~

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~ An Insider Exclusive by D.A. Ritter ~





{by D.A. Ritz}



 BOOJI ::: ITALY™ is a multi-faceted network of executive & corporate level professionals, super-naturally talented shoe and graphics designers, senior master craftsmen & women, and the best online and traditional marketing guru’s you will find anywhere in a sneaker company. BOOJI’s staff of expert leather crafting “shoemakers” have designed and manufactured some of the finest leather goods known in existence, worldwide, for the likes of Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Dolce & Gabana, Armani, Versace, Moshimo, and more. They are the newest and most formidable players in both the high-end designer fashion scene and in the enormous sneakerhead culture and hype-beast shoe collector scenes as well. You see, BOOJI is pioneering a whole new dynamic niche within the extremely hot athletic basketball sneaker & shoe collector's markets, and they truly believe that what they have discovered is going to assist them in becoming the new leaders in the industry. Leaders responsible for ushering in the next most defined sneaker culture revolution the whole industry has ever seen since MJ!

DRiPS Collection by BOOJI ::: ITALY


Since 2004, annual trends have shown a shift in how nearly all high-end, designer apparel industry "Fashion Giants" are now marketing their own lines of sneakers to get their slice of the monsterous revenues this market produces, so to speak. Unfortunately, their creations and products are usually too expensive. Now don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying that these high-end Italian made products that these Fashion Moguls market and sell, aren't of the finest quality and craftsmanship you can find. They are without a doubt the finest in the world. Although, apart from the sponsored NBA pro-athlete that will be garnering free pairs of $2500 Gucci or Louis V. sneakers to wear during his/her games, THERE IS NO ONE that’s going to play basketball in them like every day bro, you feel me? I mean maybe the hottest Hip-Hop stars might, any really wealthy types or even A-list celebs that can afford it might, but generally speaking, none of the people you and I know will be playing as hard as they need to, or even as hard as they’d like to, in a pair of basketball shoes that cost so damn much. So you see, the masses in this culture want quality without being straight price pirated. These masses are you and I, and you and I are very important because we represent the largest majority of "Sneakerheads" or sneaker enthusiasts. We are what you'd call the meat of the market in this whole shoe gig, and without us, the sneaker culture wouldn't even be worth mentioning.

  SMOKES Collection Hoodie by BOOJI ::: ITALYSMOKES Collection Shoes by BOOJI ::: ITALY

So in an effort to address these concerns, BOOJI executives, with their keen eyes for business markets and trends, their intelligently calculating manner of doing business, and through their own gut felt predictive & visionary based planning, saw a ray of light & hope, and have since then answered the call of everybody’s demand in more than just a few major ways as of this date.

First and foremost, just the fact that BOOJI is the new sneaker company in the game to look out for, that actually has great potential in becoming a super-hot craze and even a household name, is huge at this point in the whole sneakerhead scheme of things. BOOJI is new and not played out like Nike or Adidas who are both guilty of shamelessly using repetitive milking tactics by re-releasing the same shoes in different colors over and over again, year after year. Well, BOOJI’s new creations easily capture anyone’s attention with their bright & vibrant colorways, breath-taking artistic concepts, addicting aesthetics, and utterly genius dynamic designs. BOOJI's concept of designing matching kix & hoodie sets has become immensely popular as well in this sneaker-mania driven industry known as “The Shoe Game”.

SOOPS Collection by BOOJI ::: ITALY


One of the main BOOJI ::: ITALY™ company design concepts is their mission to address the many requests from the immense athletic sneaker culture masses, that not only want, but require, that their sneaker is manufactured of the best and most rugged type of quality, and that it’s been designed & manufactured to withstand the rigors of repeated use and abuse and not just for looks. So BOOJI, and their designers, answered these calls to action by bringing the absolute best quality leather materials & goods produced worldwide together with their network of master craftsmen based in La Marche & Milan, Italy, to hand-make their badass, high-end, designer sneakers with the best quality you can find, that when sold don’t cost as much as my wife's car! That’s right! They offer the highest quality kix you can buy in the world. One-of-a-kind, made-to-order, Italian masterpieces of wearable art, at prices comparable to most Nike or Jordan styles costing $170-$350! That alone is a game changer in and of itself!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! LOL… BOOJI is WINNING by offering FREE SHIPPING to the US, UK, & Canada. They also offer FREE RETURNS with their 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE... If for any reason you don't want your BOOJI any longer, they will RETURN THEM FOR FREE, no questions asked!






BOOJI ::: ITALY™ designs are so awe inspiring, they are said to be “...pure extensions of creative & artistic inspiration that you can plainly see as all of their shoes are conceptually living tributes to the G.O.A.T.'s in each sport, activity, and/or in each genre of shoe, or type of different design style that BOOJI offers." For example, the SK8’S (yep you guessed it) are for the sport of Skateboarding and the collection's entire inspiration comes from what the designer calls, "...the greatest era that the sport has ever seen!", the Dogtown Z-boys era of skateboarding that changed the entire sport FOREVER, and which began in Venice Beach in the late 1970's and early 1980's...                       



Last but most definitely not least, is that BOOJI delivers a better and far more genuine, premium quality level, high-end sneaker with a fashion-house type of couture aesthetic that all of the major luxury brands bring to the table, but BOOJI's designs are well thought out and give the sense or feeling that you are getting something uniquely valuable, exclusive, and worthy of being highly sought after collectibles one day. Plus, taking into effect the trifecta of unbeatable customer guarantees that they offer, that NOBODY in the industry can touch, copping anything BOOJI is just a win-win situation for all involved.

In conclusion BOOJI ::: ITALY™ has single-handedly created the perfect balance between the high end, premium quality, designer fashion, luxury brand of shoes and apparel and the mainly sports inspired basketball, tennis, skateboarding style of sport & active lifestyle shoes & streetwear, that represents the best of the sneaker collecting communities favorites, and they have merged the two, to emerge as the hottest new high-end designer sneaker brand of 2019-2020…



 BOOJI ::: ITALY 4-EVER $ (Forever Money) Logo Symbol


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